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Create Beautiful Holiday Displays with Permanent Christmas Lighting


Permanent Christmas Lighting


With the fewest daylight hours, December is the darkest month of the year. In the dead of winter, what could bring more cheer to the holiday season than glowing light? The first recorded Christmas light was in Germany in 1184, with the first mention of the lighting of the Yule log. The first electric Christmas lights were hung by Thomas Edison himself in 1880, on the outside of his Menlo Park workshop. By 1900, electric Christmas lights had caught on as a tradition amongst the wealthiest North Americans – in those days a single string of lights cost $12, the equivalent of about $300 today. Mass manufacturing of Christmas lights began in the 1930s. For decades afterward, strings of coloured incandescent bulbs were the best way to decorate for the season. Today, however, there’s a state-of-the-art way to display your Christmas spirit. Permanent LED strip lighting makes decorating for the holidays simpler and more beautiful than ever.


LED lighting companies install durable, weatherproof strips along the eaves and gables of your home. These lights are nearly invisible when they’re unlit, but when you turn them on, they provide vivid, brilliant light in a huge variety of colours. Using a remote or an app for your smartphone, you control the display. The lights can also be easily programmed to create a pattern: make colours alternate and chase, or flash, twinkle, and strobe. The speed of the pattern and the intensity of the lights can also be adjusted with a touch.


The LED Revolution


There are many benefits to permanent LED Christmas lighting. It's safe and easy to decorate for the holiday season. It’s a little-known fact that hundreds of Canadians suffer injuries each year while putting up incandescent lights. Some of these injuries are serious and life-changing! With permanent LED lighting, you’ll never again have to climb a swaying extension ladder in icy weather again. No more untangling strings of bulbs; no more replacing burnt-out bulbs; no more taking the lights down again after the season ends. Having permanent LED Christmas lights means that you will have more time to relax by the fire, sipping hot cocoa with family and friends.


LED lighting is also superior to incandescent lighting in many ways. It’s more cost-effective, because it uses far less power. LEDs provide brilliant light with 80% to 90% energy efficiency when compared to conventional bulbs. LEDs are also more eco-friendly as they are non-toxic and recyclable. Also LEDs are far more durable than traditional lights. It’s estimated that the average LEDs will last twenty years, based on usage of six to eight hours per day. Unlike incandescent, LEDs do not attract insects.


Seasons of Light

In addition, permanent LEDs are fun the whole year round. You may choose only to light them at Christmas, but you can also use them to accentuate your home with colour any time of the year. Turn on your green lights for St. Patrick’s Day, or flash your team colours during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Light up the LEDs when there’s a special birthday or anniversary happening at your house.


In the GTA, several companies specialize in LED permanent lighting. Look for a company that offers a five-year warranty and professional installation. Light up your life with beautiful permanent LED Christmas lighting!